Wee Care Preschool

MSBC WeeCare Preeschool exists to provide a Christian atmosphere for emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual development. WeeCare is a structured program using a Southern Baptist curriculum to aid in the guidance of a spiritual education.

The philosophy of WeeCare involves many things. Children are interested in all that goes on around them. We strive to provide enjoyable learning experiences in our community, as well as in the classroom. Our program attempts to meet the needs of the children now, and at the same time build for later experiences. They are exposed to a variety of skills to prepare a foundation for kindergarten. Opportunities for social growth are provided as they learn to share toys, take turns, and work within a group.

Also, the children are allowed to express themselves freely through talking, singing, and by working with different materials, such as paint or clay. Self-control and gradual independence are encouraged as the children progress throughout the year. They learn that God loves them through Bible stories and through the love shown them by their teacher. Most of all, it is the goal of WeeCare that our children develop a sinse of personal worth. 

Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MSBCWeeCare or contact the director, Lana Ballard via email at lballard@msbccabot.org