Deacon’s Ministry

Food-MinistryAt MSBC we believe in the Biblical mandate for a deacon. We believe that deacons are servant leaders that God has called into a position of servant leadership. They are not a board of directors, they are not controllers or supervisors of the pastor, and they are certainly not dictators. Their desire is to love the people and support the ministries of the church. As a result, their main priority is service. Our deacon body exists to support the pastor in areas of ministry that require additional levels of support. Specifically, our deacon body is split up into six teams; each team having their specific focus and responsibilities:

Prayer: We believe in the POWER of prayer. This team is responsible for communicating with all Sunday school leaders, as well as the outreach deacon, to document any prayer needs in the church and church prospects who have recently visited the church. The prayer list is updated each week, and a new list is formed each month prior to deacon’s meeting.

Outreach: At MSBC we believe in EVANGELISM. This team is responsible for making sure every visitor receives a visitor card, planning outreach events/fellowships, calling visitors that fill out a visitor card each week, and getting guests/visitors church information packets. One of the greatest desires we have as a deacon body is to see lives changed and souls saved.

In-reach: We believe that as a church we are called to DO LIFE TOGETHER. This team is responsible for calling and checking on missing members, making sure decision cards are filled out for baptisms/salvations/membership, identifying any financial/physical needs of the church body, and communicating those situations with the pastor.

Missions: At MSBC we believe in the GREAT COMMISSION. Jesus has called us to go into all nations and make DISCIPLES of all nations. This team is responsible for working with Missions Team Leader to stay involved with any mission events, to keep the church informed and motivated in missional giving, and to assist in planning/organizing missional activities for the church to participate in.

Hospital: One of the most rewarding ministries in for our deacons is the hospital ministry. During hospital visits we are able to minister to those that are hurting and discouraged, and we are able to offer encouragement to them through the Word of God. This team is responsible for coordinating/making hospital visits based on needs of MSBC body.

Shut-in/Widows: Because shut-ins and widows hold a special place in our hearts, and the Bible specifically exhorts deacons to care for such members, we make it a priority to minister to those members. This team is responsible for making sure any shut-ins that need rides have a ride, that special events are planned for widows quarterly; and that both shut-ins and widows are visited, kept informed, and encouraged consistently.